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Furnishing Houses with Love


One of the first things we learned about the shelter system is that when people enter a homeless shelter, they cannot take most of their belongings with them; there is simply not enough room. So deciding to enter a shelter often means deciding to give up all of your belongings. Recently, after visiting a friend from the shelter who had gotten her housing, we realized that she didn't have anything to put in her house, because she had given up all of her belongings. Her clothes were stuffed into garbage bags that she used to create a bed on the floor.


After seeing this, the Caleb White Project board members decided that they wanted to help. They collected furniture and household items and furnished the woman's house. The project was so rewarding that they decided to do it again for another friend who had gotten her house. And then again...and again...  

Because we do not have a large storage unit or a truck, we are always looking for partners on this project. We have had a couple of large companies use it as a team-building exercise and they were blown away by the positive impact that it had on their company. If you would like to furnish, decorate, or remodel a home, please contact us! 

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